About me

For more than 8 years I have been engaged in private website development.

The accumulated experience allows me to create successful projects for my clients. In addition to continuing technical education, I am a teacher, which allows me not only to create sites under the control of the CMS of the 1C Bitrix system, but also to train customers to work with them.

A private webmaster is better than a studio:

Without intermediaries

При сотрудничестве с индивидуальным веб-мастером все технические задания, идеи и нюансы обговариваются напрямую, без участия третьих лиц. Все работы выполняю сам, в момент разработки становлюсь частью вашей команды


The absence of intermediaries also allows me to find an individual approach to each project, which has a positive effect on the quality and speed of achieving the set goals, which is very important, I perform adaptive cross-browser layout and use extremely clean code, without heavy js libraries and css frameworks. Also, when writing the code, I immediately lay the foundation for internal SEO optimization of the site.


All agreements will be compulsorily fixed in the Contract Agreement, payment is made upon the fact of the work performed. Payment for licensed 1C Bitrix software and for renting a server is made before the start of project development.

More profitable than web studio

You pay for the work of one webmaster, this amount does not include office costs, staff salaries and other expenses typical for web studios. You get very significant savings without losing quality.

Why Bitrix?

The 1C-Bitrix company occupies a leading position in the Russian market in the development of web project management systems and corporate portals. More than 13,000 partners in 400 cities of Russia and the countries of the former USSR are implementing products "1C-Bitrix"

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